Afterlife TV New Interview (Part 3) now posted

Bob Olson’s third interview of me for Afterlife TV is now posted and ready for viewing here … or you can watch it on YouTube here.

This is the 3rd interview that I’ve done with Bob. If you missed the first ones, you’ll find them on the Afterlife TV webpage (here), just scroll down below this latest interview.

Bob has interviewed many, many interesting people through his Afterlife TV program. It’s worth a browse through the archives.

Thanks Bob – it’s always fun speaking with you!



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4 responses to “Afterlife TV New Interview (Part 3) now posted

  1. Natalie, I’m sharing a link to a video of a heart surgeon describing a patient who could only have survived with the help of Healing-zone work of the type you describe in your book. The patient was off the heart-lung machine for over 20 minutes and should have had massive brain damage after that long, but returned with (as the doctor put it), with “no neurologic deficit” (6:38 in the interview). Significant brain damage begins after only 10 minutes without oxygen-rich blood flow. The interviewer completely missed the significance of that comment despite the doctor’s emphasis on it. But I thought of this video when I read your book, which I only recently discovered.

    Had to share. All the best.

  2. A friend sent me this link. I really enjoyed the interview. I told my NDE story to the Bio Channel and a couple of researchers. I think Bob Olson did a great job of letting you explain yourself in your own words. Very nice interview!

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