Psychic Readings: Feedback from M!

M wrote this to me a couple weeks after I did a reading for her (bold is my emphasis) – way to go, M! Beautiful! 

I just wanted to tell you that I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!

This all happened very quickly.  I saw an ad on LinkedIn last Thursday for a proposal specialist position with a big A/E/C company of 6,000 employees.  I responded, fill out a questionnaire from their HR Recruiter, and also on their website.  Turns out their Director of [X] was in [X] for a few days, and wanted to meet with me.  I interviewed with them last Friday (4 people), and it went very well.  Over the weekend, they asked for references, and salary requirements.  I got the call yesterday that they want me to come onboard!!!!

I have to tell you a few things:  First, I found out yesterday that my extended unemployment benefits are ending this Saturday, July 7th.  This is a state-wide mandate.  I had read about this happening a few weeks ago (when we spoke) but thought it would end in September for me.  I had no idea this was going to happen so quickly.

Secondly, I had a bout of fear last Weds.  Bad.  Got really upset about things not moving forward.  And then I remembered what you had said…that my spirit had a few jobs lined up for me, and all I had to do was open the door.  I starting thinking about what that really meant, and what came up was all this fear about working again, because I had lost a few jobs in the recent past, and went thru the mill emotionally with it all.  The last f/t job I had I was fired in, which turned out to be a big blessing in disguise (terrible company), and justice was served to the people who tried to do me in… they got fired, too, 6 months later. 🙂  I realized that I had to own what I’ve done in the past, in terms of accomplishment… that I really was good at it, and that I had to blow through my fear and nail this job.  I also went to church that day and prayed for help in doing this.  

And when it came time for my interview last Friday, I was determined to nail the interview.

I think that’s what you meant by opening the door, Natalie.  Being ready.  Knowing I can do it, and wanting it to happen.  Up to that point, I had been ambivalent, and wasn’t addressing it properly.

So… the Universe heard my requests to stay in my home, help me find a decent job, and to find it fast.  And OMG, was this fast!!!!

Natalie – God bless you.  I have shared this story with a few of my friends, about our reading, and they are blown away.  I am now a FIRM believer of all that is possible, but more importantly, in trusting and in knowing that the Universe is trying to always help us. 

I cannot get over the perfect timing of all this.  Uncanny, and not of this world.

You gave me many tools to help my life move forward, and I’m using them. And becoming very aware of how to push fear aside and trust.

Bless your heart.  And thank you. xox


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2 responses to “Psychic Readings: Feedback from M!

  1. Anne

    Reading -December 16, 2013

    Thank you for the your insight and your suggestions. My main intention for having you do the reading for me, was to understand my husband George’s mental state, and get some help. Through a stroke, his cognition was effected drastically! He can’t speak, was paralyzed down the left side of his body, and couldn’t walk (among other things). He had taken the stroke 3 years prior (medical error), but as there are no errors, and we all create our own situations, I wondered why he took it (I can only guess). You did emphasize that it wasn’t a mistake, and gave me some reasons for my choosing a part in it?

    Initially, as I said, I had only planned on asking for advice about my situation. However, as the reading went on, it steered toward my family, and you were on target with everyone of them. It was absolutely unbelievable! Anyone would think that you lived with us! In fact, my daughter questioned how you knew so much about us, (the usual scepticism)? She’s an artist, and had a son in her mid forties (he’s now 5). What shocked her most were some of your statements about her, “It’s not what I expected. When is it my time”? She had actually made similar statements to me! In fact, she wondered if she would ever get to paint again? As much as she was sceptical about everything, when you mentioned that she was going to be getting the time soon. I noticed her relief. She’s has actually started to work on a children’s book, is half-way through it, and is now able to combine both roles, much more smoothly.

    I have used your advice about turning my amplitude and volume to zero, and have had some of the best nights sleep in years. I’m actually using the same technique for frustration, anxiety and any other negatives that come into my life. Whatever you did, (separating George’s and my energy), made such a huge improvement. It was noticeable the very next day. I had always felt the entanglement, but had no idea how to fix it (it wasn’t easy to live with, either), so thanks for that! He has started to show signs of humour coming back. I suppose he’s considering staying a while longer? I hope so, because we have a lot of living to do, (haven’t been on vacation for 3 years). Also, we are the only grandparents left for our youngest grandson (you mentioned that he would need some guidance), and he has such a special bond with George. He brings him back to life!

    I’m working on controlling my energy, as you suggested. Hopefully, guidance will come sooner than later. I hear my guides, (or people, as you call them), but am not sure what questions I should be asking. Some days, I feel that I am sabotaging myself, and it all seems so surreal? Again, I’m sure that it will all come together, when it’s supposed to. For now, they are always with me when I have to drive my car (I invite them), and I feel very protected!

    So Natalie, I wish you much love! You are truly gifted and blessed!
    I strive to have a fraction of your insight, and thank you once again for all your help. It made a huge difference in our lives!

    From my heart,
    all the best Natalie!


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